A brief history of Attack Fight Kill

A guild is more than just a name; a guild is all about the people.

Attack Fight Kill (AFK) was formed in May 2012 however we’ve been playing games together under different names since 2010. Our core group of 10-15 players met and joined up while playing Lord of the Rings Online. We had many different kin (lotro equivalent of a guild) names: TrueBlood, Hands of Tulkas and finally Attack Fight Kill.

Representing many different cultures, genders and skill levels we tackled the majority of content together, from group levelling and deed runs to end game raiding. We’ve always been a guild that looked after our players supporting them as best as we can without baby-sitting members.

Sadly Lord of the Rings Online went through some dodgy expansion releases and the age of the game was starting to show. Many of us have been gamers all our lives and the image of Lotro fast started to tarnish.

Thankfully Guild Wars 2 was on the horizons and many of us pre-purchased the game so we could take part in the Beta Weekend Events. Apart from some server issues near the beginning of the first BWE everything else went off amazingly. Every single guild member thoroughly enjoyed themselves and many of us slept far too late and played way too much.

What can we offer you as a member?

A guild is all about the people, we help those who help each other.

Being a member means being part of the group. We help each other out as much as possible. You’ll get to interact with members representing a diverse range of cultures. We chat about anything and everything.

Sometimes we can be deadly serious while raiding or taking part in pvp, other times we’re laughing and acting like hooligans. We’re more a mature group of gamers hanging out with each other than a group of elitist pricks calling everyone noobs.

Apart from the usual offerings of a guild website, teamspeak server, forums and image galleries we offer a large sampling of different experiences, broad ranges of knowledge, blood thirsty players who know their shit and friends who are supportive of each other.

In game we offer guild crafting and item trading, group based events and pretty much everything a game has to offer to a guild.

Want to become a member of Attack Fight Kill?

A guild is a group of unique individuals united behind a common goal.

Congratulations on deciding to join Attack Fight Kill! There are a few important things to consider before applying though. We don’t have strict application criteria but do have a few important guidelines for potential members.

  1. Treat other members as you’d expect to be treated yourself. Respect is earned but good manners are expected. A good sense of humour will help you to enjoy the crazy people in our guild
  2. We prefer players older than 21 years of age but will accept younger players if they are mature and responsible or know an existing guild member who will vouch for them
  3. All members should be willing to put the good of the guild above the importance of themselves. Guild members should be willing to take part in group activities, we’re not looking for solo players, rather people who enjoy doing things together
  4. We use Teamspeak to communicate in game so at minimum you should be able to hear what we’re saying. A working microphone is required if you’re leading any group based activities and we do so love to hear what our members have to say


If you still like what you’ve been reading then we’d love to have you join Attack Fight Kill. You will need to have a Guildlaunch Account prior to applying. Once registered and logged in please proceed to complete your application and a guild recruiter will take appropriate action as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest in Attack Fight Kill and best of luck with your application!

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